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As a birthday present, hitler youth leader Baldur von Schirach made a pledge to enroll the entire population of ten-year-olds throughout Germany into the organisation. As a result the year became known as year of the jungvolk. On April 20th, hitler's birthday, a ceremony was held inside the ancient Marienburg Castle of the teutonic Order. Amid the glow of torchlights, solemn beating of drums and fanfare of trumpets, ten-year-old boys entered the jungvolk by swearing the following oath: 'In the presence of this blood banner which represents our Fuhrer, serum i swear to devote all my energies and my strength. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me god. but it was his 50th birthday in 1939 that Germany really displayed their adoration for Hitler. A national holiday was declared and up to 50,000 German troops conducted a vast five-hour parade through the wide streets of Berlin. There were 20,000 guests of honour and hundreds of thousands of adoring Germans that lined the streets in every city. Tanks trundled along the wide streets to the buzz of Luftwaffer planes flying overhead. Because hitler did not drink alcohol due to his indigestion, one munich brewery created a special batch of low alcohol beer for his birthday which then became a regular order. Hitler even awarded low income families with a birthday gift of fifteen German reichsmarks, plus five reichsmarks for every dependent, totalling 13 million reichsmarks.

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A rare limited edition watch produced by the nazi party to celebrate Adolf Hitler's 47th birthday in 1936 has been discovered by customs officials in Poland after stopping a suspected smuggler. The pocket watch - covered in nazi insignia and with a special medal commemorating the date - is believed to have test been produced for the party faithful. Border guards in Grzechotki, poland, discovered the timepiece when they stopped a nervous driver crossing from Russia. Lost in time: The pocket watch - covered in nazi insignia and with a special medal commemorating the date - is believed to have been produced for the party faithful 'we thought he was smuggling cigarettes. But when we searched the car we found this watch hidden in a compartment in the boot explained one. Now the confiscated watch has been handed to a the polish Historical Museum to help identify its history. People lined the streets of Berlin to celebrate the fuhrer's 47th birthday in 1936. Fuhrer: A portrait of Adolf Hitler made for his 50th birthday in April 1939, five months before the start of World War.

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Polishing a vintage watch crystal to remove scratches or to buff it to a shine is an easy task. Vintage watches generally have plastic or acrylic crystals, which are easy to remove from the case and polish. Using a mild abrasive cleaner, such as Brasso, or even toothpaste will provide satisfying results. In order to polish crystal on watches, you need to identify which type of crystal your watch contains. You may have products in your household that can serve this purpose, such as Brasso, a metal cleaner, or toothpaste. Learn how to polish a watch crystal in 4 easy steps. With the use of sanding paper, polywatch, Brasso or even toothpaste. For watch enthusiasts and collectors, a scratch on your watch crystal can be a life threatening situation.

Polywatch plastic watch crystal scratch remover and crystal polish will make swatch and other crystals shine like new again. PolyWatch Glass Polish Kit. Removes small and medium scratches from watch crystals made of real glass. 5g Polish Scratch Polishing Paste remover Paster for Watch Crystal Glass. Polish for cleaning unbreakable acrylic and plastic watch glasses. Crystal Clear Watch Glass Polish Supplied by bergeon. Wait a few minutes, then remove the toothpaste with a soft cloth, using gentle, circular polishing motions.

For crystal watch faces, you may have to try three different grades of diamond paste, 6-, 3- and.25-micron pastes. Omega watch Discussions vintage Omega watches Help, discussion and Advice. Using toothpaste add some water, faster and better. Heat can burn and distort crystal, caution. Is it ever necessary to remove the bezel when polishing a speedmaster crystal? Toothpaste body is an abrasive, and its very well known among certain groups for its ability to clean and polish some metals, like silver, and ceramics. You can also use cerium oxide to buff out scratches on watch glass or your mobile phone screen.

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How to polish a watch Crystal in 4 Easy Steps from, wahaWatches, how do you polish a watch crystal? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below. Founder editor of WahaWatches. Ive been collecting watches for years.

My favourite part is to pull them to bits.

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There are other options too: toothpaste, peek or, displex will do the mannen job as well. Rub the polishing agent with the soft cloth in a circular motion. Every once in a while, wipe the crystal clean and check your progress. Before too long, your watch crystal will look like new again. Use the cleaning agent to filler rid the crystal of any fingerprints and residue from the polishing agent. If you removed the crystal you might want to clean the inside as well. Use the dust blower or a can of compressed air to remove dust particles. Obviously, if you removed the crystal you want to fit it again. Otherwiseenjoy your watch that looks like new.

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The tape should overlap slightly to cover the round shape the best. Use the sanding paper with the lowest grit. Start to sand down the crystal in a circular motion for a couple minutes. Blow the dust away and continue cosmetics with sand paper 1 grit-value higher. Follow these steps until youve sanded down the crystal with the finest grit for a couple of minutes. 3) Polishing agent, blow the dust away or wipe it off using the cloth. Apply the polishing agent. There are agents specifically made to polish a watch crystal, like. I like to use, brasso.

If youre dealing with a watch crystal made of glass, Esslinger has a very useful article here. Youll need machinery and a lot of patience, though. In these cases, it might be wise to cut your losses and fit a new crystal. Tools youll need, painters tape or a tool to lift the crystal. Sanding paper in different grits, a hand dust blower or a can of compressed air. A soft cotton or microfiber curls cloth, a polishing agent like brasso etc. A cleaning agent for the crystal 1) Protection, remove the crystal using the crystal lifting tool. Or make sure to cover the bezel with the painters tape. You dont want to scratch or dull the bezel on your watch.

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8, shares, for watch enthusiasts and collectors, a scratch on your watch crystal can be a life threatening situation. Especially when its on the watch you color just purchased. A new watch or rather that very vintage watchit doesnt matter. You could bring your watch to a jewelers or an independent watchmaker to have the scratch removed. Butit will cost money and you probably have to miss your watch for a while. Before you take these drastic measures, however, its often possible to remove these scratches yourself. This article will show you exactly how to polish a watch crystal at home. This will only work on acrylic watch crystals.

Polish watch crystal toothpaste
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